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New release candidate available: 2022-06-26 "Igor". upgrade now! [52] (what's this?)


Beneficiary Name: Alameda Research LTD

Beneficiary Address: Tortola Pier Park, Bldg. I, Second Floor, Wickham Cay I., Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands

Beneficiary Account Number: 5090014456 Receiving Bank

Receiving Bank Name: Silvergate Bank

Receiving Bank Address: 4250 Executive Square Suite 300 La Jolla, CA 92037

Receiving Bank Routing Number: 322286803

Receiving Bank SWIFT Code: SIVGUS21

In your wire memo, please include your account identifier: 22813733. Your account will not be credited if you fail to do so.

Please ensure the holder of the account transferring funds to FTX matches the name of the entity or individual that has undergone identity verification with FTX. Wires sent from a different individual or entity will result in a return. Users will incur an additional flat fee of 75 USD for the return and a processing delay of up to two weeks. For wires sent from a joint account, please ensure all the account holders have undergone identity verification with FTX.

Please double-check before sending that your bank will be able to facilitate this transfer. Some, such as Revolut, cannot. Do not include intermediary bank information in deposits

Please note that wire information provided for USD deposits to FTX should not specify an intermediary bank anymore Amount


I have included my account identifier in my wire transfer.

After you have made your wire transfer, register your deposit by clicking the “Confirm USD Deposit” button below. If no matching wire is received within two weeks, your registered deposit may be cancelled. Your account may not be credited if you fail to register your deposit or if your wire arrives much after.

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